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Jing Ling Nei Jia Academy provides premium instructions in a variety of internal martial arts in West Ryde, Sydney. 
Curriculum includes training in Yang Style Tai Chi (楊式太極), Push Hands (推手),  Xing Yi Quan (河北形意拳), Three Emperor Cannon Fist (三皇炮捶), and Traditional Chinese Weapons.
Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan

5 Elements Fist

Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang Style Tai Chi

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Traditional Chinese Weapons

Traditional Chinese Weapons

Push Hands

Push Hands

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Background of Sifu James Gao

Since childhood, Sifu James has trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and later moved onto Traditional Yang style Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Bagua under the tutelage of Master Wang Ji Zhen, a disciple of the renowned Grand Master Chu Gui Ting. Sifu James had won many medals as a representative of the university team in many Shanghai All-University Wu Shu competitions.

After Sifu James migrated to Australia, he also spent years learning and eventually achieved Instructor-levels in Karate and Hapkido, all the while maintaining and building upon his Tai Chi Training. This gave him a unique insider perspective on both internal and external styles.

After refocusing on his beloved art of Tai Chi, Sifu James met Master Harvey Lee and learned the Yang Bang You lineage of Yang Style Tai Chi, which is a rare lineage of Yang Tai Chi taught only to selected disciples. This makes him a Dual-Lineage holder of Yang Style Tai chi.

Sifu James now holds classes in West Ryde, Sydney to pass on his diverse experience in Chinese Internal Martial Arts. He is a master in Xing Yi Quan, Tai Chi Quan, Push Hands (Tui Shou) and various traditional Chinese weapons (e.g. Pole and Broadswords).

Build Internal Power

Tai Chi Push Hands Training

Self Defense and Martial Applications

Traditional Chinese Weapons

Nei Jia Quan (内家拳) is a Chinese term meaning Internal Martial Arts. Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Bagua are considered the three central styles of Internal Chinese Kung Fu. 
Internal styles of martial arts focus on training the use of ‘relaxed’ (sōng 鬆) movements combined with mind intentions. This is in contrast to the external styles of training, which tends to rely more on techniques, muscular force and athleticism. 

Tai Chi Quan

  • Learn Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi forms as taught in China
  • Cultivate ‘whole-body’ power, and experience how soft can overcome hard
  • Develop combinations of the energies of the Eight Techniques: ward off, roll back, press, push, pluck, split, elbow and body stroke (peng, lu, ji, an, cai, lie, zhou, kao)
  • Learn Tai Chi combat techniques via the ability to “stick, adhere, continue and follow (zhan, nian, lian, sui)” through various Push Hand drills.
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Xing Yi Quan (Hebei Style)

  • Xing Yi Quan (形意拳) is one of the 3 major styles of internal Chinese martial arts. Xing (形) refers to form or shape and Yi (意) refers to mind or intent.
  • It is one of the most explosive and linearly-looking internal martial art. Xing Yi’s execution is often likened to rolling over your opponent as a huge iron ball.
  • Our syllabus covers the Five Elements Fists, Twelve Animal Forms, combat applications, and also Xing Yi Weapons.
  • You will cultivate internal power generation, muscle strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic capacity all in this one martial style.
push hands tai chi sydney

Learn the Four Main Skills in making contact and the Eight Energies of Tai Chi

Push Hands Training

Push Hands Training Sydney
push hands tai chi sydney

Opportunity to participate in the Australian Open Tai Chi Push Hands Competitions

Learn from a 6th-generation master with over 30 years of experience

Push Hands and Sensitivity Training

Sifu James is a Multiple Winner of Push Hands and Traditional Yang Style Form competitions – taking the Australia Open Tai Chi Championship in 2012 and 2015.

Xing Yi and Bagua Footwork

Internal methods to cultivate agility, balance, and root power simultaneously


Tailored Instructions

Specific to You

Complementary Styles

Learn internal martial styles that are complementary to each other

Standing Meditation Postures

KEY to building unified internal power

Train With Us!

Sunday afternoons 3:30pm to 4:30pm

West Ryde Public School
6 Endeavour St (entry via Bennet St)
West Ryde NSW 2114

Call Sifu James on 0415 270 703, or
email jinglingtaichi@outlook.com (Please double-check your junk folder for replies)

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